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Building Resiliency in Girls against abuse and Human Trafficking

There is often confusion about the definition of sex trafficking versus sex work. And in truth, there is a lot of overlap. Many pimps exert control over and take money from the sex workers they engage with. Globally, an estimated 71% of enslaved people are women and girls, while men and boys account for 29%. Estimates suggest that about 50,000 people are trafficked into the US each year. 

Human traffickers recruit, transport, harbor, obtain, and exploit victims – often using force, threats, lies, or other psychological coercion.

Traffickers promise a high-paying job, a loving relationship, or new and exciting opportunities. Their common thread is a willingness to exploit other human beings for profit.

This session will provide understanding how trafficking affects mental and physical health of women and young girls.

On the Road to Building Resiliency

On the Road to Building Resiliency is part II of the Human Trafficking training. Through discussion and role-play, participants will be able to identify self-defeating behaviors that traffickers can exploit such as:
  • The Reality of Rejection
  • Self-Rejecting Messages
  • Mealtime messages
  • The power of change

We guarantee this 4hr Training developed for high school and middle school girls will:

  • Improve students’ knowledge of human trafficking
  • Improve students’ attitudes towards themselves and their peers
  • Improve students’ attitudes towards their community
Cost: $25 per Participant (minimum class size 10)
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