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Prevention and intervention efforts to reverse the effects of school violence.

Strategic communication planning about school safety

We design strategies to effectively communicate about school safety with parents and community stakeholders. School leaders will learn how to build support for safety planning and other important school issues as they engage with board members, parents, and community partners, including business leaders and local government agencies. We advise and support school administrators on safety issues in highly emotional or political situations. 

Customized emergency training for security teams, administrators, teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and others

Every school employee should be ready to spot trouble before it happens and intervene during fights and violent situations to protect children and co-workers. We teach skills such as verbal de-escalation, managing violence and situational awareness.  Specialized on-site and off-site school safety services can be developed to meet the unique needs of school staff and the broader school community. Contact Vision Safety Solutions Inc. to discuss how we can help with your specific needs.

School Resource Officer/Police & Administrator Training

School Resource Officers (SROs) are a great asset in school safety. And we support the SRO concept when it is operating properly and consistent with best practices. Too often we hear from superintendents and school boards concerns about their SRO operation. As with curriculum, or any program in the school environment, periodic evaluation is critical to success. However, this evaluation can, at times, be difficult for school safety leaders. Let us navigate the process for your school district through training and/or consultation services for improved relationships and partnerships between school administrators and their police officers.

School Safety Specialized Training

Vision safety Solutions Inc. is proud to offer specialized school safety presentations including:

Managing Bullying Without New Programs and Expenses: Bullying is currently a politically and emotionally-charged issue fueled by media, legislators, and other special interests. Federal civil rights investigators are now being dispatched to local schools to investigate boards and administrators when parents and other advocates file complaints of inadequate steps by districts to address bullying. This session will help administrators and boards create a framework to present to their school community as a comprehensive approach to bullying without making knee-jerk reactions and new expenditures on questionable programs, products, curriculum, and consultants. Learn how to address bullying, increase parental confidence, avoid political landmines, stay out of the media, and reduce potential liability with this common-sense, practical, and sincere structuring of district practices into a formal anti-bullying strategy.

Conflict Resolution Training

Personality Assessment

By giving each client a common understanding of different personality traits, the test helps employees, families, students, etc, to work more productively, communicate with others and cooperate as a team. It helps open a conversation about different personalities, showing how each trait is important to everyone’s success.

The KEYS to Successful Communication:

Vision Safety Solutions Inc. would like to play a major role getting people to hear one another correctly. While most of us learned to talk at a young age, very few of us received any actual training in listening. Most of the time we’re too busy formulating our own thoughts and opinions, waiting impatiently for our turn to speak. As a result, there is no real connection happening, just two competing monologues. But really listening to someone, with your whole being, can be transformational. It’s also one of the greatest gifts you can give to another human being.

These workshops can be bundled to fit the needs of the client. Therefore, pricing may vary. Please contact us for more information.
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